Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Hello World Wide Web!

Once I mentally decided to write a blog, I started having all these crazy ideas of what I would write about.  I should have wrote those ideas down, because now that I am actually sitting at my computer typing, those ideas have flown right out of my head.  Please know that my ideas were quite witty!   :)

Today I finished reading a book by Donald Miller called A Million Miles in a Thousand Years.  This book is all about how a life is a story.  Being that life is a story, every individual has a choice to decide what kind of story their life is going to be.  Not to say that there aren't set backs and obstacles in a person's story, but there has to be a decision to start living a better story: to spend time with family and friends, re-arrange priorities and perhaps, to go on an adventure.  I hope that this blog details the story that my life is becoming - mainly so that I can look back and remember my story!  Wish me luck!

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