Tuesday, February 25, 2014

DIY Weekly Calendar

Well, like I had mentioned before, there is a little nook in our kitchen that I really wanted to make more cozy.  The other week, I did my first project for it.  What office area is complete without a calendar?  I wanted to make a weekly calendar to help us keep our busy schedule straight.  It all started after browsing through various Pinterest posts, coupled by a trip to the local thrift store - consider me inspired! While rummaging through the goodies at the store, I found my treasure - a 7 picture wooden picture frame! Hooray!

Before the touch ups...

As you can see, the picture frame suffered from a lot of "loving", as it was pretty scratched up.  But that is just a minor problem in the scheme of things.  I found a brown, fine tip paint pen (or a fine tip marker would probably have worked too) and touched up the rough spots.  Although it is not perfect and you can see the difference if you look closely, don't think it turned out too badly. PLUS I doubt anyone will be getting that close to inspect the wood! :) Luckily several local stores sell these frames should I ever need/want to perfect the look - or I could buy one online

After the paint pen worked it's magic!
 I think that I got a little wrapped up in the project at this point, because I forgot to take pictures... Sorry! But the remainder was pretty simple.  I measured each frame opening and cut out scrapbook paper to fit; writing a day of the week on each.  In hindsight, I might not have used as much patterned paper, as some of the days are hard to see unless you are close.

The finished product.
Now I just need to hang it over the desk and begin writing (with dry erase markers) our weekly schedule. First project down, several more to go! :P

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