Sunday, February 9, 2014

Making of the Card Book

So here I am again!  The last few days I've spent at home sick - which is never any fun.  However, it is giving me some time to catch up on the blog.  So here I sit in my couch, with tissues, Oreos andTV remote close to hand, while writing this entry.
The last few weeks I have been busy finishing up several half-completed project.   I even found time to take a quilting class, which will be written about later.  One of the projects that I completed is a book of all of our bridal shower cards and wedding cards.  After all of our wedding festivities, we had so many cards full of well-wishes.  With such kind words written in each card, I knew they were something that I wanted to treasure forever.  I decided to make a book out of all the cards so that we would not miss a card by having them scattered everywhere.
Just a few of the many cards...
It was fairly simple to make.  I took a 3-hole punch and made the holes in the card (I only needed 2 holes, but that was the easiest).  I initially tried to use the single hole punch, but it was quickly hurting my hand.  The 3-hole punch was MUCH easier.   To create the cover and back, I used cardboard pieces.  I used binding rings to put the little books together.  And, obviously, I had to jazz up the covers a bit. :) 

I love the end product!  I love that they are bound together and that I won't have any missing cards.  Right now, the card books are on the book shelf with our picture albums.  I also enjoyed using lace on the covers - I mean, what's more appropriate for a wedding?! :)

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