Tuesday, December 18, 2012

A New Kitchen Floor

This past summer, my sister and her new husband moved to Virginia to begin their lives together.  The bought a house, but that house needed a bit of work... Thankfully, most of it has been done: fresh paint, new kitchen cabinets and counter, etc.  So this weekend, my parents, grandfather and I made the 5 hours trip to see them and finish a few last projects on their current list of things to do.  On the agenda: the kitchen floor.  Last summer, I laid a floating floor in my own kitchen, so when my sister said that they wanted to lay a floating floor, I knew that I could be helpful.

[caption id="attachment_211" align="aligncenter" width="394"]Beforehand kitchen floor The old flooring[/caption]

The old flooring was stained and scratched all over the place.  My sister's kitchen is relatively small, which actually makes laying the flooring a little tougher since you have to cut it more.  Thankfully the weather was in our favor, so we were able to cut it outside.  My grandfather took that job.  We all agreed, cutting the flooring when it was cooler outside was easier than in hotter temperatures because the when it's hot - it's STICKY!!

[caption id="attachment_213" align="aligncenter" width="198"]Grandpa cutting the flooring My Grandfather cutting the flooring - isn't he cute!!??!! :)[/caption]

[caption id="attachment_216" align="aligncenter" width="1200"]Holly laying the tile My dad and I are working hard![/caption]

All in all, the project took us about 10 hours and we were all very tired, but my sister has a nice, new kitchen floor.  The next day, we finished the details by adding the toe molding.  Now I need another weekend to recover from my weekend! :)

[caption id="attachment_217" align="aligncenter" width="281"]The finished kitchen floor FINISHED!![/caption]


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