Monday, April 29, 2013

Life Updated

Well, the last few weekends have been pretty busy.  Being new to Washington State, I feel that it's only appropriate to explore these new lands as the weather makes a milder turn.  In other words, that Boyfriend of mine and I have taken small road trips!

Two weekends ago, we drove out to Washington's peninsula, which is the western most part of Washington.  Being close to the Olympic mountain range, afforded us beautiful views of the snowcapped peaks.  The area that we went to is known to have many waterfalls and during the spring time, as the weather warms, the waterfalls become much bigger because of the glaciers melting at the top of the mountains.  There are supposedly several waterfalls to be seen in this area.   Some were right off the road, while others we had to hike a little to reach.  Unfortunately, since we live in a modern technology world, both of us were relying on the GPS's on our phones, but we lost signal, so we could not find a few that we were hoping to see, but thankfully we were able to see 4 beautiful falls.

A waterfall in Washington State.

Last weekend we were off again - this time a little north to Mount Vernon for their annual Tulip Festival.  That weekend just so happened to be the Worlds Largest Garage sale also, so being thrifty, I couldn't pass that up - since I am an avid reader, I picked up a few books and we were off to explore the Tulip fields.  Driving out to the Tulip gardens, there were acres upon acres of tulips, each field a different color.  Washington happens to be one of the largest Tulip producers in the world.  It was like looking a rainbow of Tulips.  B-E-A-UTIFUL!

 Rows & Rows of Tulips!
Tulip Festival, Washington

With those two adventures behind us, who knows what will be next?! :)

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