Sunday, July 19, 2015

Staying Busy

All righty, again, it has been awhile since posting.  My excuse is the same as always - busy, busy, busy.  These last few months I have been swamped with work, traveling, working out, crafting and theatering (I know it not a REAL word, but maybe it should be!).  We recently returned from a fantastic trip to Ireland (swoon - did I have to come home?) and a few months ago the husband and I traveled to the east coast for my sister's graduation.  My BFF came to visit last month for my thirty, flirty & thriving birthday (who can tell me what movie that is from?! :)) and we had a blast together.

I have a new obsession with working out - mostly doing a PIYO routine, which is a mix between PIlaties and YOgo; get it: PI-YO.  I think my favorite part of PIYO is the fantastic stretch and limberness I feel afterwards.  As a bonus, my muscles are totally getting stronger from doing it daily!

I couldn't help but to wear my own ruby red shoes to see WICKED!
I have also joined a quilting block of the month club at a local fabric store.  It has kept me busy at my sewing machine and I am learning a ton of new techniques.  Next May, I will have a completed Washington State themed quilt to show off and hopefully a bunch of new skills sets in my sewing repertoire!  :)

Most recently, I have been able to score tickets to two shows in Seattle's playhouses.  The Mister ordered WICKED tickets for my birthday last month and this past week, we saw it.  I have loved the music for ages, but didn't know the complete storyline.  I've wanted to see it for years.  It lived up to it's great reputation!  Just a few days ago, someone gave me a ticket to the show GREASE which is playing downtown because she was unable to use it.  I will be soon heading there to see some Grease Lightning!  I will try not to sing a long too loudly, but with the catchy music, I am sure many folks will be singing along. :)  

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