Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Chicken and Green Beans

Happy July!  I am starting to look forward to the 4th of July.  On the east coast we usually celebrated the nations independence by having a cookout and a few fireworks, but I have come to learn that the west coast celebrates big time!  Last year fire works started around 12 noon and went until midnight.  It is quite a display & I really like fireworks!  The last few nights we have heard fireworks (well, at least I hope they were fireworks...) going off, in what I am guessing is preparation for the big day.

Continuing on the journey of freezer cooking, I prepared this casserole from Little House Living last month and froze it for a future, busy day.  Today was that day!
2 lbs.  chicken breast
2 cans of green beans
4 cups cubed potatoes
1/2 stick of butter (sliced)
2 tbs. of your favorite spices (I used McCormick's Monterey Chicken spice)
Mix green beans and potatoes together
Place mixture and chicken in a 9x13 casserole dish
Top with butter and seasoning.
Cover and freeze. 
I placed this frozen dish into the refrigerator the night before cooking to thaw.
Cook, covered with tinfoil, at 375 degrees until chicken is entirely cooked - approximately 1 hour.

Mighty tasty if you ask me and the chicken was oh, so tender!  Do not be alarmed should the potatoes darken, they may do that when frozen, they still taste fine.  I also think that this meal may be a simple one to prepare on the fly, if you didn't want to freeze it and just wanted dinner that night.  This one is a "keeper" for our recipe book.

If you have never frozen anything in a casserole dish, it is pretty simple.  Just cover the dish with plastic wrap and do a second wrap with tinfoil; I find that the double wrap prevents freezer burn.

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