Saturday, March 23, 2013

St. Patrick's Day Parade

Being from a small town that didn't really celebrate St. Patrick's day in a formal fashion, now that I have moved into a culturally diversified city, this past St. Patrick's Day weekend (aka last weekend) I went to a parade of all things Irish!  As it would be expected, folks lined the streets wearing all shades of green cheering on the many Irish floats.  There were all sorts of things in this parade: River dancing, Celtic music, uni-cylces, deloreans - which were apparently made in Ireland (Who can tell me what movie made them famous?!) and my favorite group: the Irish dog clubs!  Now my boyfriend's favorite was the Irish Wolfhound, but I think my favorite was the Red & White Irish Setter.  Irish SetterIrish WolfhoundIrish Water SpanielRed & White Irish Setter

Something that was super cool was the Unicycle club - I was amazing at how coordinated and balanced these kids were!  There were even some riders on, what I referred to as: a double-decker uni-cycle!  Although bagpipes are traditionally a Scottish thing, a group from Ireland competes for the title so there was a little bit of Scottish sounding music too.unicyclesBagpipes

And of course, what parade would be complete without having... pirates?!  I wasn't quite sure how they connected to the Irish, but they were fun to see.  It's really amazing how they would stay in character.  They even had a cannon that made a loud BOOM every few minutes! How fun! :)PiratesI would say, it was a good St. Patrick's Day experience! :)


  1. Were you more at home with the canons, Holly?:)

  2. Although they do remind me of home, I jumped everytime that it went off! :)